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Other Issues

Is it legal to dive for artifacts in river and stream bottoms or along the coast?
No. The state claims all navigable river and stream bottoms as well as the ocean bottom out to three miles from the coastline and artifacts/submerged cultural resources found on these bottoms (OCGA 12-3-80 to 83). The state may grant permits for investigation, survey, and recovery activities if the public interest is served. Diving to look at or photograph submerged cultural resources requires no permit. For information about permit application or the law, contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at 404-656-2840.

What do I do if I have skeletal remains?
To turn over Indian skeletal remains or burial objects, contact your local law enforcement agency or the Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns (404-656-5335). The Council will make arrangements for the return of the remains or objects to descendants or tribes who can establish a cultural affiliation to the material.

How do I legally do archeology?
There are many archeological projects (digs) that use amateurs and others. Archaeology magazine is a good source of information on such “digs.” The U.S. Forest Service often has digs open to the public, usually for a few weeks in the summer. Contact the U.S. Forest Service for information on their Passport in Time program. Universities in Georgia rarely accept non-students for digs. Private companies that do archeology don’t hire inexperienced, untrained staff. The Society for Georgia Archaeology’s newsletter and members are good sources of information on archeological projects in Georgia. To join the Society, write to SGA, P. O. Box 693, Athens, GA 30603.

Where can I obtain more information and copies of the code sections cited?
Each courthouse has copies of Georgia’s code sections, and usually the Clerk of the Court can help you find and copy particular sections. On this Web site, the Laws page contains references to all the Georgia code sections and federal laws and information on site protection and other issues relating to American Indians.


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